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Senior Pet Care

Older pets require special attention to stay healthy into their golden years. From helping to manage chronic age-related conditions to supporting your pet's cognitive function, the team at Dublin Veterinary Hospital is here to support you and your special senior pet.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Just like humans, as animals enter their later stages of life, their health may need some extra special attention. And unlike humans, due to their shorter lifespans, animals also tend to age much faster. About one year of a dog's life is equivalent in lifespan to seven human years! This means that by the age of seven, most dogs are considered "middle aged."

Senior pets of all types are more likely to have chronic conditions such as arthritis, blindness, diabetes, dementia, or even cancer. Their weakened immune systems also make them more vulnerable to disease. Because of these factors, it is even more critical for them to have regular wellness visits; we recommend at least twice annually. This will help us manage any chronic conditions they may have, and also remain vigilant in case they develop any new ailments.

As your pet ages, it is normal for them to slowly display some normal signs of aging such as decreased activity, changes in sleep cycles, or even confusion over everyday circumstances. These changes indicate that your pet may be slowing down, and are not unusual, but if a change is so sudden that it is concerning, please don't hesitate to let us know.

The following tests are important to monitor senior pets during their wellness visits:

  • Blood work pinpoints infections, anemia and age-related conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, and much more.
  • X-rays or radiology, help us to see below the surface for diagnostic purposes.
  • Urinalysis can help us detect common infections, and give us a great indication of your pet's overall health

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